Your Job title? as a Recruiter i’d say your job title is like trying to impressa Hurricane with an Umbrella.

I couldn’t care less about your job title.
Now I said it…and voilร , the cat’s out of the bag!
Take a breather, because the most exciting bit is on its way…
Ever wondered why the hospitality industry is experiencing a shortage of cooks, bakers, patissiers,
waiters, and more?
Let’s dig into this, shall we?

Once, craftsmen ruledโ€”the chefs, bartenders, concierges, housekeepers, bakers, patissiers,
sommeliers, gardeners, servers, etc.
Society ADMIRED and held them in HIGH REGARD.
They were RESPECTED for the VALUE they added to DAILY LIFE.
Their work was seen as an ART form, enriching our QUALITY of LIFE.
But today?
We’re hooked on chasing titles, forgetting TRUE WORTH.
We think that the more labels we have the better we are…
It’s a mindset illness fueled by society’s endless chase for titles.
Let’s be real about it: Titles are like flashy neon signsโ€”bright but hollow.
It’s time to cure the obsession with titles.
That’s the trumpet blast for the hospitality industry’s brand-new age, loud and clear for every young
Titles don’t mean wisdom or empathy.
What good are degrees without wisdom?
They’re like a song without its melody.
Letโ€™s change course.
True hospitality is not dictated by titles.
P.S. Sunset vibes from Costa Rica: Job titles are like sandcastles, impressive but fading. Letโ€™s ride
the wave of genuine connections because authenticity shines forever.