WIPS TIPS – Why we put the spotlight on you at all times.

Evaluating a candidate’s fit for a position goes much deeper than just reviewing a CV and interviewing.

We search for profound insights: It’s about the whole experience – which consists of a combination of touch-points; how does the candidate engage with us, follow up’s, etc. what we scout for is relationship skills.

Why is that so extremely important?

The basis of “guest relations” is “human relations” at a deeper level and for it to be 5-star the interaction has to be genuine and positive at all times on all levels. Now more than ever a much-needed skill when working among your peers and wow-ing your guests.

Throughout the process of video resume production, a fantastic tool to read the candidate’s facial expression and body language when engaged in a conversation, we are able to get to know the candidate a bit more dynamically.

How do you gain a loyal guest, it’s by offering your guests a great overall experience during their stay, after all, positive emotions is what results in a remarkable and memorable brand.