WIPS TIPS – Be kind to yourself

How? Invest time in yourself & renew daily.

Slow down and set time aside and just focus on your breath.
Inhale & Exhale… that’s how you become conscious of your thoughts.

What’s your daily affirmation?
Yesterday a top executive shared with us his daily affirmation:
Only great things lie in front of me. Because no matter what happens to me, what matters is how I treat the experience.

Studies have shown that the average human has around 60’000 thoughts per day. Thatโ€™s powerful information. Dr. Joe Dispenza says:
Your personality is made up of how you think, feel, and act, creating your personal reality. In order to create a new reality, you must change your personality.

Hence every moment you have a choice, you deliberately choose a vibration. Are you a deliberate creator?

We interview top executives, hotel professionals daily. We listen to each word they say very carefully. Because transformation can only happen when you awaken from your old programming, subconscious thoughts, and anchored beliefs, and all those automatic reactions that you have been conditioned to, that’s the starting point to initiate change.