WIPS TIPS – Are you hiring for open positions?

We say: YES to hiring hospitality professionals.

As a trained Swiss hotelier with over 12 years of work experience and now as Managing Director of a hospitality recruitment agency, I encourage all industries to consider applications from the hospitality professionals who were affected by the lockdowns that resulted in being laid off last year.

There are top hospitality professionals looking for new opportunities right now.

Here are just some key benefits of having employees with previous hospitality experience in your team:

๐ŸŒณHospitality professionals are resilient
๐ŸŒณVery flexible
๐ŸŒณAccustomed to working in a multi-cultured environment
๐ŸŒณPassionate about Customer Service
๐ŸŒณThey are used to long working hours
๐ŸŒณThey have a good cross-functional understanding of a company structure

What other qualities can you think of?
Feel free to share, comment down below.