WIPS is turning 33 years this month! Simultaneously

WIPS is turning 33 years this month! Simultaneously, Anna Maistrenko, who recently joined WIPS is turning 33 years old today.

Many Happy Returns WIPS, Happy Birthday Anna.

Both have the same age, we have so many reasons to be thankful today. The attitude of gratitude as we like to call it.

Hospitality is a celebration of precious moments and it’s life events to pause and to truly embrace the gifts life has to offer to embrace the now, that’s thankfulness.

Are you truly living the present moment?

Here at WIPS, we cultivate a culture where we celebrate the present moment.

Did you know that It was the ancient Egyptians that began the tradition of birthdays? Already then it was about honoring the special day in the sun.

A birthday is a day the sun returns to the same zodiac degree (and sign) as the day you were born, which is why we say โ€œMany Happy Returnsโ€.

We have been challenged with global lockdown and social distancing these past few months.

No matter what, birthdays are here to be cherished, the sun shines on the brightest qualities of the individual. Itโ€™s the moment in the spotlight.

So let your inner sun glow brighter each year, let it expedite, allow it to stretch out and be measured by your shining rays, make that count, thatโ€™s WIPS purpose.