why I can’t sleep?

According to statistics, over 27 000 people type in the search engine “why I can’t sleep” on a monthly basis. With no surprise, stress keeps the top first place among the reasons why people have poor quality of night sleep. Now, you can even find online courses dedicated to solving issues caused by insufficient sleep and increasing your productivity through healthy sleeping habits.

Creating a solution to the popular problem starts a trend: the first sleep-centric hotel was already opened in 2020 in London. A fashion of “clean-sleeping” has collapsed in the travel industry bringing a good night sleep in the center of the guest experience. The goal of “clean-sleeping” is to design a perfect environment for a deeper and longer sleep.

A holistic approach is key here. Peace, quiet, comfort, darkness, and ambiance are the main ingredients for a good night’s sleep for guests. Everything was designed to reduce anxiety and daily distractions, creating the perfect environment for sleep, relaxation, and wellbeing. Calm colors are combined with the right scents. Mostly, the TVs are absent and the space is wide-open in every hotel room. On top of that, these hotels can offer add-ons such as guided meditation, hypnotherapy, or sound therapy.

WIPS keeps abreast of the industry and on top of the most wanted hospitality talents, we build long-lasting relationships with unique professionals such as spa therapists and wellness instructors. We help hotels strive for perfection in a holistic approach worldwide.