Who doesn’t like to watch the movie trailer? Prior to seeing the whole film?

Over 500 million hours of videos were watched online in 2020, and this number is growing – astronomically.

It’s fair to say that we are visual-oriented species, we simply love to consume videos, it enriches the learning experience.

Hence the fact is that people are watching more videos than ever. Think about it a piece of paper can only do so much.

This fundamental idea led us years ago to reimagine recruiting.

We produce a video resume for each candidate we represent. Max 2 minutes video (questioning and answering) each video resume is tailor-made by WIPS (max 2 minutes)

Video resumes allow our candidates to showcase their abilities beyond the capabilities of traditional paper resumes and allow prospective employers to see and hear applicants, and get a feel for how applicants present themselves and engage in a conversation.

Our results show that video resume accelerates the recruitment process.

– Facilitate Reviewing & Shortlisting
– Gaining a Sense of Personality
– Saving Time

It simply gives you an enhanced and more significant picture of the candidates applying for your vacancies, and this simply by taking that extra minute or so to watch “the movie trailer” so-called Video Resume.