What is a sustainable hotel?

This question is a tough one because everyone has a different vision of “going green”.

However, the basic and fullest explanation is “a lodging that has made important environmental improvements to its structure in order to minimize its impact on the natural environment”.

For widening our scope, we picked up the keywords from the hotels recognized by Condé Nast as best of the new sustainable hotels in the world in 2021 to figure out what these hotels are about:

🌳treehouse, 🌳open-air rooftop bed,🌳organic, 🌳farm-to-face, 🌳“rustic minimalism” 🌳all-around wellness is the root of a stay

🌳almost everything is biodegradable, locally-sourced, and organic

the estate has its own biomass plant, solar and geothermal energy, and ecological water-treatment system

🌳biodiversity hotspot 🌳the rooms embrace an everything-you-need-nothing-you-don’t ethos 🌳in-house bakery

🌳the air has the lung-clearing quality

🌳every gaze is directed to the snow-ringed fangs of the surrounding peaks 🌳the wellness side of things is also nature-focused, with massages using evergreen wood and guided forest walks for barefoot meditation

The definition of luxury has changed dramatically within the last ten years:  “People are no longer looking for marble bathrooms and gold-plated taps. Instead, they are seeking the simple, the original. It might just be a campfire where we sit and chat.”

The same can be said about recruiting in hospitality. At WIPS we call ourselves New Age Recruiters because we have the right mindset aligning with the current trends. We can not work with old age tools and methods anymore if we want to see a long-lasting growth and retention of our partners and talents. We rethink luxury in all senses.