What if … YOU are the designer of your own wellness?

YOU are the designer of your own wellness

Suddenly, this realization would suggest that wellbeing is your responsibility.

It is no longer a myth but pure scientific knowledge that emotions do affect our overall health.

I don’t know about you, but I know for sure that we are fed daily and endlessly with possible reasons to fall prey to fear…

In every corner, you can hear whispers, some say it out loud others only mutter the word “hyperinflation”, there is a lot of fear in the market and in the economy. Many are pounding the drums with angst, actually, to be fair it’s prevalent in our life overall, I guess you can call it the aftermath of a hovering pandemic hangover.

In hindsight, you can see that in the last two years a lot of jargon cropped up, new words, and a whole new vocabulary we never even thought of using, let alone understand their ramifications.

It’s not surprising that many feel like they need a lifeboat, as they feel like they are sinking into the abyss…

And I get it. I really do. We live in uncertain times, and the media endlessly pushing panic on us doesn’t help.

Taking control over our life, means we stack the deck in our favor.
It is a matter of choice.

When I personally realized that my wellness is my responsibility and no one else’s, I understood that it’s not something I can delegate or blame someone or something for it.

You have to own it!

So, how to keep your cool?

Let us go back to the drawing board.

You set the tone each day. Treat your day before it “treats you”

Breath through it all…

Inhale Positivity.

Exhale Negativity.

Maintain your balance. Raise your vibration. Stay focus.
Affirmation of today: I am getting better each day, on all levels of my life. The world is healing and so am I, I affirm heaven on earth.