Unmasking moments: The veli dropped – the faces of true leaders revealed

The eternal rhetoric on the matter of โ€œWhat is more important: academic achievements or in-field experience?โ€ is hopefully out of fashion once and forever.

While both matter, academic and experience, the same as work-life balance, are meant to be in equilibrium, not in confrontation.

In theory, it is a great philosophical argument, but in real life – both matter.

Nevertheless, the prevalent mentality hints at the newly occurring correct answer – the attitude prevails over both academic know-how and on-the-ground experience.

The pandemic allowed us to see in ourselves and others who is a true leader and who is not.

The last two years were the reality check on how well you were practically prepared for such a theoretical subject as crisis management.

It was a chance to demonstrate your best qualities, skills, and creativity.

The leaders stepped upโ€ฆ

Non-leaders revealed themselves…