The Rigorous Skill of Mental Hygiene

Give your mind a deep cleaning.

When we think this over any magnificent success story is characterized by a red thread of discipline in thinking hygiene. The “normal” way of thinking would not have led the “hero” of all walks of life, small or big, to the acclaimed victory.

Since early 2020 it seems like we are being confronted with insatiable floods of announcements that lead to new restrictions, new policies, lockdowns, and more recently we are faced with food supply shortages, growing inflation, etc

With even greater reason we are challenged to remain strong, “the storm can get rougher, but I get stronger.” this statement underlines that our personality is a construct of how we think, act, and feel.

We know that sustainable personal strength is built from within.
So why not magnify our thinking, thinking big is great but why not think exponentially.

What if the training of the existing events is to adapt greater thinking.

It is important to look inward first, to see clearly outward. The idea is to remain centered and grow exponentially from within.

Imagine, literally taking off the shackles wrapping up your thinking boxes, to level up and leave your thinking comfort zone.

This is what we mean when we say: Buckle up to level up.