The Real Reason Behind the Resignation

The Real Reason Behind the Resignation

“I quit the job”, he confidentially proclaimed.

We asked the question: How come, did you find a better opportunity?

“No, but health is more important to me than performing a job at a company that preaches wellness but keeps overwhelming us. I am out of balance, and the work culture is toxic.โ€

This is just a fragment of insights, he confidentially shared with us.

Just in case you assume he is the only one, we are here to shed light on what is going on behind the recruitment stage mainly among Millennials & Generation Z.

An alarming and still growing number of candidates seek change to a more fulfilling and purposeful life which often means a new job.

One thing is clear, no need for Analysis Paralysis: Literally, they crave more compassionate leadership, support, and mentorship.

Some may argue, that this is just another fad – the well-being fad.

Some may aver if the chattering whispers about the imminent recession become reality, and the massive job loss predicament kicks in, people will grab any job, just happy to put bread on the table.

From our observations and in conclusion, this generation is willing to grab jobs for lower-income, all for the sake of health.

In the name of a better future, greener, kinder and healthier, companies that now (better now than never) step into ACTION and authentically embody an overall more holistic approach, will win the race for the best talents sustainably, no matter the state of the economy.