The real price of free things

WIPS TIPS – When talking about “giving back to the community” the first thing coming to our minds is helping those who are in need. We know the most popular ways such as volunteering, charity, or donations. However, there are also ways of giving beyond investing your time or money – contribute to the common good.

How to do that? Just be the best version of yourself.

We got used to the idea that giving costs us something. But in reality, there are so many things to give for free. We just need to see them…

📢 Spread good news to the world

🛠 Share your skills with others

🎓Mentor those who ask for advice

🤝 Show the random act of kindness to a neighbor

🌞 Use manners, smile and say hello when out

Keep giving through your own growing and striving and you will see that the world starts giving back to you.