The holy grail of recruiting comes to trust.


The holy grail of recruiting comes to trust.

After 5 years of self-employment within the recruitment industry, I thought I have seen it all…it gets comical when something comes along to test that.

Like a potential new partner, who wants to “highjack” our services, using our services only to their own advantage…I call them the CV collectors…

How do we detect such behavior?
Either their words contradict their actions or vice versa.
My answer: Thank you, but we don’t think we are the right agency for you.

The power of NO.

Just because, I might come across as kind and loving, does not mean that I am blindfolded to dishonesty. Often kindness gets confused with naivety, especially in business.

Fair enough, I am female and look quite young, however, I am also efficient, resourceful, ambitious, strong, and sensitive!

Yes, you read that right…sensitive…and it turns out that my sensitivity is my strength, my superpower, especially in recruiting, this TALENT comes in handy.

Because we need to read people.

Choosing positivity over negativity and kindness over poor behavior means managing self-leadership.

I might see the world through rose-colored glasses because optimism is a choice but we should never underestimate the power of loving energy.

Don’t get me wrong we grab opportunities when flashed in front of us but we will always choose quality over quantity.