The burning million-dollar question! Why? Why? Why?

The burning million-dollar question!


For those who think it’s no longer happening, it’s still as real as the waking world:

Big hotel brands.

Advertised as one of the most famous hospitality empires.

Top prestigious destinations.

High-profile management.

Firing candidates, top executives with top-notch records, without any warning or explanation!

Yes, you read that correctly.

We heard it directly from the horse’s mouth-an excellent candidate with whom we have had a great relationship for many years shared with us his recent experience with one of the best in the industry.

“He paused for a moment, lifted his head, and said: “I am exhausted and utterly frustrated. They let me go without an explanation, not even a warning. One morning, I was called to the GM’s office, and he said, ‘You can pack your suitcase; you are done. We can provide you with a good reference, but your service is no longer needed.”

The burning question is spreading like wildfire:


You know what he was told?

Let’s just say they gave him a colorful BLAH BLAH – a wishy-washy explanation, like trying to start a fire with wet matches.

The candidate was left hanging with the million-dollar question still looming in the room.

He asked us, ‘How can I draw positivity from this experience?’

And our answer was simple, like keeping a campfire under control:

One day when you’re in power, you’ve learned what not to do.”

In essence, it’s not just about asking the million-dollar question; it’s about giving someone the million-dollar response, one that burns with the fires of empathy and integrity.

Bad news spreads with the speed of a firestorm, and when you ignite it, you end up burning yourself and your industry.

Providing the “Why” helps people learn, improve, and grow.

By doing so, we fan the industry’s flames for greater strength.

If you can’t share the ‘Why’ for the candidate, do it for the greater good, because, don’t kid yourself, one day you might find yourself dancing in the same flames.