Temporary Feelings…Permanent Decisions

Six Reasons Why to Pursue a career in the Hospitality Industry

Making the right move now.
Transforming the image of a beautiful industry.
Why choose the hospitality industry as a career – as a lifestyle?
In droves, people lately have mulled over this question, not only because they had plenty of time, but because they saw how their life changed, and in many cases not for the better.
It is no secret that a whooping number has left the industry and the next generation is unsure if pursuing a career in the hospitality industry is a smart move, consequently, the number of registered hospitality students at hotel management schools is slacking after the pitfalls of the last 2 years.
Hotels want to glorify their product, which company doesnโ€™t? Regardless, one large hotel group has been blunt. Accor needs 35,000 workers globally, CEO Sebastien Bazin said last month.
And we know of companies that closed down operations because they have declared that they do have not enough staff to run the operation.
In general, people began to rethink, and hotel jobs cannot be done remotely, mostly requiring oneโ€™s physical presence.
Can we blame them for rethinking the profession as a whole?
Of course not, but what we can do, is to use our voice and our actions to advocate for this industry. In my case, the hospitality industry has gifted me with abundance in all senses.
We have the power to emanate the image of our industry onto the world, to restate the image of an industry.
Please join me in on this, and add in the comments what the hospitality industry has given you over the years?
This industry has enabled me:

  • Work & Travel worldwide
  • Immersion in different cultures – live inclusivity and diversity
  • Expansion of mindset – becoming a better human being through learning and expanding my world perspective
  • Created lasting dreams for people & building meaningful relationships
  • It opened my heart and unlocked dreams that I never thought possible
  • Learned 3 languages.

This endless list can go onโ€ฆ
We call upon all industry lovers now, we have one vast responsibility as a community, to advocate for our industry for generations to come.