Striking gold in your workplace?

Meaning to literally discover gold, as in a gold mine. Gold is a hard asset, Gold is a physical thing and a lot of folks view it as a store of value. And once discovered it must be kept safely. Thus how do you strike gold at your workplace, gold representing financial and cultural power at your workplace?

First, a balanced financial plan consists of both material goals and intangible aspirations. For businesses the same, not only is the hard financial asset, gold crucial yet the golden mindset that fuels the culture, the people are equally important.

One side is physical & materialistic power and; the other is the wellness power that produces a flourishing culture. Here is the bottom line, businesses cannot succeed solely through financial power, yet they can reach perfection through the uplift of a healthy culture ignited through the golden mindset.

Just like physical gold can not be created out of thin air, identical with the golden culture which is originated through hard work, it’s through these intangible qualities that we eventually strike gold, the golden culture, and once discovered, itโ€™s is durable, consistent, and has value as long as we secure it and cultivate it, just like we secure our gold.