Stream of good news. Stay tuned with WIPS!

Today we decided to make an overview of the best things and trends that happened in the hospitality industry through 2021. Let’s dive in!

✅ 1. Number 1 reason to celebrate: the hygiene standards throughout the industry are higher than ever!

✅2. Sustainability sways the scepter! Finally, the plastic is being avoided, all receipts are coming to emails, and food wastes are under control. Managerial decisions are made by ethical and environmental judgments. Signature toiletry miniatures are probably gone in history, and large locally sourced dispensers took their place once and forever. Organic linens and reduced energy consumption bulbs, vegetarian and vegan options are everywhere now. In the name of Earth!!

✅ 3. “Staycations” are prevailing over global tourism. Vacations close from home or locally, for budgeting or restriction reasons naturally became a new trend. “Paradise on a balcony” or “fabulous garden” are the most wanted requests and a symbol of the time.

✅ 4. Solo-travelers. Time for reflection, meditation, and resilience got its stream in solo tourism: the value of spending time alone in a mindful and informal atmosphere.

✅ 5. In our list are technology and automation. You will say that it always had a place in hospitality, and you are right. So we will specify that we are talking about reducing the waiting time, delegating the tasks to robots, and using big data to optimize processes. In daily routine it will look like using chatbots in customer service, introducing mobile, cloud-based and integrated solutions. Also, the monitoring and optimization of revenue, property, channels, customer relations, and reputation is running 24/7.

How about virtual and augmented reality in place ✅ 6. of the hospitality trends of the year? Virtual tours are a part of content strategy: teleport yourself in a 360° view of a restaurant, hotel room, or any other amenities from different devices. No need for VR glasses, just use a graphical overlay to intensify the in-situ environment.

Next comes purposeful and essential experience at ✅ 7. The rule here can be shortly described in two words: “less is more”. For guests, it implies adventures or relaxing retreats, time spent with purpose, and making an impact on the world, while niche properties started their own movement of giving back to the local communities.