Retain is the name of the green game.

The world has changed irrevocably since last March, and as a result the job market too is a very different landscape. Navigating the new normal has been tricky for both employers and prospective employees. However, at some places a new trend is emerging, where roles in some places are being offered at a less than fair price.

๐ŸŒณWIPS is a company that values its clients, bridging the gap between employer and employee. A positive working relationship hinges on respect, and without a fair wage how can employees be expected to fulfill their potential? Long term this too affects the employer, as new employees are more likely to leave after a short period in search of a better offer.

๐ŸŒณThe initial cost of training new staff is a long-term investment, but if staff leave after only a few months, this ends up being a high price to pay. The cycle of recruitment begins again, and so too does the onboarding process. However, by offering a fair wage, this fosters a long-term relationship, where employees long for growth within their new role.