New Year, New Job?

Congratulations to everyone who starts 2022 with a new job!

A fresh start always feels good. Especially when it is well deserved and you worked hard for it with all your effort and dedication. Enjoy this feeling, you earned it!

Those of you who are still in search of a new job opportunity hopefully had a short break during the holidays recharged their batteries to start again full of energy and motivation. It is time to go back to exploring the demand of the job market.

We are following the situation with the employment, hiring, and job search around the world and we have some WIPS TIPS on how to land that so-wanted-job-offer at a more accelerated pace…

✍🏻In order to set the stage for a successful job search we have to keep in mind our own goals, personal and professional. Refuse to abandon your objectives, but stay open-minded when pursuing them.

✍🏻Be selective. Research the companies that you are aspiring to apply for. When you are more focused on scouting for the right working environment, you enhance chances of landing a job opportunity in an organization that naturally creates a matching sense of belonging, all in alignment with the company’s vision and mission.

✍🏻Listen to all offers on the table. Don’t rush to turn down the offer. It is always better to sleep on the important decisions, let them first sink in. Make a SWOT analysis of every offer, then only decide with a conscious mind.

✍🏻What about lost opportunities? Did you have any? Most of us are familiar with an experience “of a lost job opportunity” at least once in our lifetimes. Thoughts like “I should have accepted that offer” or “ I should have listened to myself and relocated to ….” still run through our minds from time to time, even if we made “peace with it”. Reflect on your previous “missed” opportunities. Your own experiences are still your best teacher, if only you allow it.

That’s all for now. Take a closer look at the rising job opportunities around you. Maybe your next job opportunity is already at your doorstep and all you need to do is grab it.