Let’s switch-on

It has been almost 31 years since the world ‘switched on’ and connected to the World Wide Web. It was also at this time that WIPS connected online, and began life as one of the leading international hospitality recruitment specialists.

Yet the word internet actually dates back to the 1800’s, meaning to be interconnected. With over 80% of the developed world having access to the internet, it is easy to forget a life without connectivity. Any question can be answered with a google search, any skill can be mastered with a YouTube video, and any person can be reached via email. Amongst all this we can forget to plug in, to be connected to our internal communication.

Listening to our own instincts is vital within such an interconnected world. To thrive in a high-pressure environment requires inner calmness, ready to deal with unforeseen situations. Like a tree, we must put down roots and create an environment within which to grow. business is a demanding world, to really succeed we must first connect to our own internet, ensuring that our internal communications are reliable. Ready to face any challenges that we encounter.