Let go of the old, To make room for the new.

Nothing lasts forever, thatโ€™s a promise – and one that our beloved Gaia, mother earth has demonstrated, over and over again, to be exact the earth moved forward 4.54 billion times, and embarked on a new cycle. Supposedly that’s how old the living earth is. It takes a little more than 365 days for the globe to make a complete trip around the sun.

Similar to us humans, we are about to begin a new round, we are on the verge of embarking on this new adventure, I call it the 365 movement.

Repeatedly the human species has reached evolutionary milestones, even when we feel stuck, we should know that we never standstill. The simplest proof is our continuous breath, through inhaling and exhaling to catch the necessary oxygen, the elixir of life. The one could not co-exist without the other. The intertwined ping pong game of letting go of the old to welcome the new. A sacred law of nature is as simple as that.

Our longtime followers know that here at WIPS we love to get the big picture right before we tip our toe into anything new. This adopted habit comes also in handy when we assist candidates in making smart decisions on their next career move. Tune in and join us on our mindful journey to kick off the year gracefully. When better than now using the miraculous trick of setting yourself free before calling in the impending year 2022. This exercise enables anyone to take a leap forward more quickly and sustainably.

What the year 2022 has in store for you? I could take out my cards now, and spread them out for you, what an extravagant way to borrow futuristic lenses? But seriously now what if I have one simple suggestion: schedule an interview with yourself? Instead of writing an overwhelming & ambitious list full of creative and aspiring resolutions (and hey what a lavish habit if you create one and actually stick with it), either way, listen closely now; we invite you to schedule an interview with yourself before the year ends. 30 minutes during which you take the time to sit still and time travel, pause and simply reflect upon 2021, let it revue passรฉ, the good and the bad. The battles, the victories, the hopes, and dreams, embrace all memories, make peace with them and welcome a sense of gratitude for it all.

When you are ready, free yourself from the old, all that no longer serves you. What does this imply? Letting go of thoughts that no longer serve you, habits that you no longer wish to cultivate, people that no longer deserve your presence. The same way you farewell old garments that you no longer have usage for. I call it the Letgoandwelcome interview.

We have to free up space before we can welcome the new. The truth sets you free. It will gift you with gems of wisdom, as you journey through the past year. Gaining wisdom is the art of peacefully reviewing past life lessons, drawing smart conclusions to elevate and realign with your soul purpose.