Jump in to the challenge. Make waves. Whaaattt?


Let me make one thing infinitely clear:


A Cluster General Manager of a top-tier hospitality company approached me, suggesting that I recommend candidates for their open positions but he wouldnโ€™t be able to pay for our recruitment needs.

Simply put, he essentially asked us to work for free.

It’s like booking a luxurious hotel room for a weekend getaway, enjoying all the amenities and services, and then when it’s time to check out, telling the receptionist, “Sorry, I won’t be paying for my stay.

You’re joking, right?

Let’s make a splash!

Are you up for it?

As a recruiter, I will always prioritize candidates’ needs.

For Candidates:

We work for free, dedicating ourselves to:

  • Empowering candidates
  • Answering their queries and concerns
  • Helping them unlock their potential
  • Conducting insightful interviews to understand their aspirations
  • Providing personalized guidance to help them soar
  • Crafting CVs that stand out in the crowd
  • Offering invaluable tips and advice for career success
  • Extend a job offer if a suitable position is available
  • Always be ready to lend a confidential ear; sometimes, they just need someone to listen.

This list just keeps on going…

For Partners: We don’t work for free because:

  • We are the guardians of our candidates’ dreams and goals
  • We invest countless hours to:
  • Cultivate a sterling brand and reputation
  • Dive deep into interviews and research
  • Proactively seek out the best opportunities
  • We serve as strategic partners:
  • Crafting tailored recruitment strategies
  • Navigating complex hiring landscapes
  • Building lasting relationships with top talent.

In this era, recruiters are not merely filling positions, but need to embody the role of brand architects and brand advocates.

The question that begs for an answer is:

Are you prepared to redefine the image of a recruiter?