It’s ok to dream big.

It’s ok to dream big.

It all started with a humble amount of 2โ€™000 US dollars, my first investment in the stock market.

Shortly after I bought the stocks, the stocks plummet and hit rock bottom for an extended amount of time.

Not exactly how I painted the picture of exponential growth in the first place. Mind-bending moments, I quickly learned that the coffee can strategy would apply best to my peculiar new situation, (If I didnโ€™t want to lose the investment, I had to wait it out, and patiently, until it built back momentumโ€ or panic sell, and lose my investment.

When things go upside down, I better ought to be taking notes.
For a while, I put the possible and desirable investment win on the back burner and focused more on my frame of reference, and immersed myself in reviewing my principles of investing.

While my investment was in limbo, I started to educate myself and started researching and learning more and more about investment in general.

If it wouldnโ€™t have been for my first investment in the stock market, I would not have embarked on this quest that would have only fueled my hunger for more investment knowledge.

Fair enough, I took a leap of faith, I jumped in maybe a bit prematurely yet it was so worth it because it greatly assisted me in expanding my horizon.

Do you want to know how it all ended?

Sigh, a happy ending after all: It took a long 15 months until it gradually started soaring back and even gained new heights.

Why share all of this?

It is ok to dream big, be like courageous Indiana Jones who took that first step, only to discover that there was a bridge across the chasm.