It was love at first sight

Last week we hit 10’000 followers – organically – no tricks involved.

That sounds very modest.

10’000 is nothing.

It’s only 0.00011904761904762% of 8.4 Billion, I hear someone say in the back there!

Fair enough it’s a fact, our world’s classroom currently accounts for 8,4 Billion People.

Nevertheless, I am blown away because I see 10’000 sparks.💥

Because I feel the power of the growth potential to further expand the fire to ignite the passion for an industry I love.🔥

“I don’t care about the number of followers we generate” I just heard someone else say.

Get real,…I don’t know about you but my BS Indicator just went through the roof. 😆

I would be foolish to think that followers are not powerful.

I almost lost my arm padding my shoulder for the 10k followers.
Haha, just joking.🤣

All it takes is one crazy idea that sparks the fire of transformation.

That’s how powerful you are.

Therefore you might want to check out the WIPS Voice Formula on how you can step into your power to grow on #Linkedin

Tune in now🎬

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