It sucks when you have to deliver bad news.

It sucks when you have to deliver bad news.

No matter how well you work as a recruiter, you often find yourself in situations where you have to inform the candidates that despite their efforts, time, and hopes, someone else has been selected for the job!

No sugarcoating, just pure facts.

However, time and time again, we witness with candidates that what seemed like rejection was actually a course correction.

Looking back, they realize it was a blessing as their current job is truly what they were seeking, even if they didn’t realize it at the time.

Rejection is an opportunityโ€”a gentle tap on the shoulder, redirecting you to look in a different direction.

The other day a world-renowned General Manager responded to our โ€œrejection emailโ€ as followed, and we think its worthwhile sharing:

“Dear WIPS team:

Rejections are like traffic lights on the road to success. Some will make you stop and rethink your route, while others will propel you toward new opportunities.

Embrace them both, for they’re guiding you to the right destination.

That is why I have always said: Reject the rejection and keep driving toward your dream job!

Now, I know that I am only a few miles away from the finish line, thank you WIPS.”