It is mind-boggling.

It is mind-boggling.

We observe it daily.

Game on!

Choose someone.

Give, or share something with someone.
It can be a simple genuine gesture.

Then multiply it and dispense it to more people, but consistently keep giving the exact same thing.

If you’re still on the fence about all this, I get it…I’ll tell you in a second where we are heading…

The idea is to expand the act of kindness. Then pause and just sit back. Quietly, watch all the responses you receive.

Have you ever noticed, how each response differentiates from one another?

Please, try to refrain from judging the received responses.

Sigh, easier said than done, we, the human species, are usually quick (very quick) in judging others, aren’t we?

So, create space and just allow it by letting it flow.

Observe and focus on the responses you receive.

It’s mind-bending, the exact same gestures and yet the effect it has on people are magnificently different!

The other day I received one response that moved me.

An exhilarating feeling fueled my motor of motivation, I felt so inspired and endlessly thankful for the received response.

If you see kindness, acknowledge it, and pass it on, that is how you give it more power.

The ripple effect of these seeds of kindness will build bridges to the new world.

Be part of the R*Evolution.