If I had one Message as a Recruiter to the World what would it be?


Your intellect matters, but so does your heart.

What good are titles, degrees, such as masters and PhDs, awards, or even the prestigious label of sustainability, if the heart is absent?

Nurture your intellect, but also nurture your heart.

Welcome to the era of Humanity’s Awakening.

It’s not just about the โ€œbrainโ€; it’s about the heart.

Real power doesn’t come from intellect alone, itโ€™s channeled from the depths of the heart.

Here’s the real gold – the transformation of humanity and the world will occur when we drop deeper into our hearts.

What truly sets us apart is not just what we know, but who we truly are in our hearts.

Let’s embrace this new currency, this golden focus on humanity, and step into an era where the heart pioneers our path forward.

Will you choose to open your heart and shape the course of humanity’s evolution?