I am not buying a Christmas tree๐ŸŽ„this year and I am delighted.

Christmas tree

Instead, I embrace the phenomenon of the liberating feeling of going against the crowd.


Itโ€™s connected to the most valuable childhood lesson of Christmas that changed my life foreverโ€ฆ

This simple decision takes away the pressure to participate in an unwanted materialistic race for the most astonishing tree.

Your guess is right, it is not because I don’t like the dazzling lights.

And I am certainly not suffering from tree phobia. (Quite the opposite, I hug trees๐ŸŒณ๐ŸŒณ๐ŸŒณ)

But then why?

I am rethinking.

I am moving beyond the tangible.

That may sound fuddy-duddy.

Maybe, if you say so – but I used to think disco balls are cool too, and today I think they are boring and rather futile.

Because once the gift-unwrapping hoopla subsides, the short-lived life story of the glorified tree and its heyday ends.

Life can be brutal sometimes. It all has to come to an end, I get that.

But why accumulate stuff if all I need for Christmas is a heightened sense of awareness of the light within and all around me already existing?

In my opinion, it never made sense to cut the trees, rather heart-crunching to watch how the roots were torn.

Instead of cutting the roots of a tree this Christmas, I will nurture my own. I will take the time to ground, realign and connect with the heart.

We must work from the inside out to grow our potential. That’s the trigger that boosted my mind to rethink.

Do you rethink from time to time?

How does it feel to march to a different tune?

P.S. When I come across any tree this season, I will stand still in awe of its beauty. Enjoying the moment with a changed focus and renewed sense of love for life.