How to change gears in your business for the benefit of all?

Poor health of employees reflects directly on your companyโ€™s payroll. To be more specific, this cost is estimated as 15% of the employee salary. At the same time, presenteeism – coming to the workplace and not working diligently – eventually costs business more than absenteeism.

These two workplace phenomena compound into a loss of 25-35% of employee wages at the end of the year. โ€œIn the U.S., it costs more than $300 billion a year in absenteeism, turnover, diminished productivity, and medical, legal, and insurance costs.โ€

Stress burnout, for both work- and home-related reasons is a real danger to the reputation and financial goals of your company.

It is in your power to solve these workplace issues by one preventative action: The intentional creation and continuous cultivation of a healthy and thriving workplace culture, a culture that refuses to compromise the well-being of their employees no matter the circumstances, tirelessly setting the right example and on full blast.

If we get the full picture right, our employees will too, in other words, if we anchor wellness deep in all our interpersonal behavior, internally as well as externally, we not only attract loyal customers but also employees who feel inclined to become part of something bigger, in fact, something way more powerful.

They will naturally resonate with the authentic experience we create and its long-lasting impact.

Maybe, after all, this should be our starting point on the journey of becoming a more sustainable business?