How many trees do you see?

How many trees do you see?

As I stand in the forest, one foot on a cut tree trunk, ready to take flight, I can’t help but wonder if some are missing the trees for the forest.

Are young professionals today soaring to the stars on turbo airplanes?

Don’t get me wrong, I was one of them, thinking speed is necessary until I realized it’s not just about how fast we fly, but how deep our roots go.

A strong foundation means we won’t be blown away like a leaf in the first hurricane.

In the fast-paced world we live in, where instant reward dominates, many young professionals seem to expect the moon and the stars without putting in the hard work to earn them.

It’s like they’ve been flipping through the chapters of life like impatient readers.

They fail to realize that every great novel is built one page at a time.

Even the most epic stories start with humble beginnings.

So let’s face it, the high flies of success are rarely overnight.

It’s more like an airplane ride, where you might encounter turbulence, detours, ups and downs, and sometimes an unexpected landing.

It’s about learning to fly before you can soar above the clouds.

So to all the ambitious job seekers out there, I offer this advice: be gentle with yourself and take your career flight one mile at a time.

Don’t let the pressure to succeed right away overshadow the beauty of the venture itself.

Yes, shortcuts happen, but also welcome detours, as many paths lead to Rome.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to discover a few new unexpected destinations along the way?

Remember that the most rewarding achievements are found in the small leaps that eventually lead to the grand flight.