Have you ever been rejected?


We received an email from a candidate today, saying that he was rejected for a job he really hoped he would land.

He feels disappointed, to a point even sad, he shared with us.

It has happened to most of us at least once in our career paths.

A knock-back: Basically “A thank you but no thank you.”

Let us get real for a moment: Rejections suck, no one enjoys getting turned down for a job…

It is easy to slip into a spiral of gloom and doom in a situation like this.

Remind yourself in moments like this:
To get up, keep going, rise, and shine.

Something better is waiting for you.

Firmly know that you will break, what feels now like, “a losing streak” and come across your dream job, eventually, in the right place at the right time.

Sometimes the right time is not when WE anticipate it.

Trust the process and know your worth.

Do not settle for less.