Expanding the definition of hospitality

An inclusive industry with exclusive professionals. The classical images of hotels and restaurants come to our minds when thinking of the task “define hospitality”. No wonder, because those images are the most popular and most wanted for each of us. Think of a family vacation or business trip – and voila! your brain already sends you the visuals that already became the casualties and the business card of the industry.  That is the tip of the iceberg. When widening the horizon on the Hospitality Empire there are also other niches of hospitality where the “all-about-people” approach makes up an essential part of the business. They are:

💰Luxury apartments and boutique luxury apartment living,
🛩Private aviation;
🛳Cruise lines;
🛥Private Yachts;
👑and UHNWI’s private households

The industry is accelerating and prospering, by all means, taking the shape of the most tempted and daring dreams of modern people. Together with that every day we hear a chorus of voices from all over the globe, that now as never it is very difficult to find the precious talent.

And we at WIPS reply all as one: Maybe, but not for us!
We understand the challenge. There is no secret that the more luxurious your business is, the harder it gets to find the right people to fit in. Experience and ethical conduct are must-have points for a fundamental jump-off in this case.

On the other hand, there is a contradiction of covering the gaps in hospitality positions with fast but temporary solutions. Then in better case scenarios, the perfect candidate is just looking to earn a monthly check for living versus the talents who are excited to build their career in the hospitality industry among other dedicated professionals.

The myth that anyone can work in hospitality is just a myth.

Luxury hospitality is a trillion-dollar industry and deserves to be treated respectfully in terms of recruiting for the best talent because no matter how luxurious the business, people lie at its heart.16