Even the Smartest Job Seekers Don’t Know This Recruiter’s Secret.

Even the Smartest Job Seekers Don’t Know This Recruiter’s Secret.

Doing a Little Extra May Not Be Sexy, Yet It’s the Recipe for Your Career’s Success.

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Raise Your Forks: Explore New Flavors, Not Just When Eating!

Setting the Table for Serious Talks now:

Recently, I reached out to a potential candidate for an exciting new job opportunity – an Executive Chef – and received a refreshing response:

“While I highly appreciate your offer and the consideration for this wonderful assignment, it’s not the right moment for me to make a move. However, I’d like to recommend my close colleague and friend; he is simply the best,” he added humbly.”

Impressed, I replied, “Your gesture speaks volumes-thank you.”

In turn, he shared, “Want to know why I do this?”

Our industry is hungry for this very mindset – we should not only think of ourselves but also collaborate after hours and beyond our hotel walls.

While my success matters, our shared industry success matters more.

It’s important to remember that we’re not just raising glasses; we’re raising standards.

I was moved by his words. He gained my trust, and I’m ensuring he stays atop our candidate list for future opportunities.

Not only is his CV remarkable, but his actions also provide some real food for thought.