But first, let me take a selfie.

She complains again about her current employer.
I react every day, I think we all do, she says.

He says: Yes, but learn to transform your mindset and your energetic field to attract, what you want.

She asks him: So how do I attract the employer that I want?

He says: Take a piece of paper. Write everything down that you want in the new employer and then become it, because the fundamental question is: Would you hire yourself?

Think about it if you bring your best, and the employer brings their best, you celebrate your work and results together because there is constructive interference, there is energy, there is growth.

What are you looking for? People say I want success
what they really want is happiness.

You have to be comfortable with yourself first if you are not confident and if you continuously feel lack there is no magnetic field to draw it to you. Because if thoughts are the electronic charge in the quantum field, and feeling is the magnetic part in the quantum field, you become aware that thought, feeling, and image condition you.

She laughs and says:
I have some work to do but first let me take a selfie, that’s my starting point. He says: Thatโ€™s where we all should start.