Awakening to Diversity?

In order to enkindle the idea of diversity, we have to first step back
and ask the fundamental question:


Looking up diversity in the dictionary, you’ll find:
The state of being diverse; variety. So it’s a state of being.

Take a moment and detach for a second from everything you think you are, your job, your title, your house, your car, your nationality, your identity, and find the moment of quietness. Then connect with what you can call consciousness, the one, that’s how you connect to all there is.

Before we can reach diversity, we have to separate from the egoic mind and understand the universe is the manifestation of the one, the oneness is to be found inside of you. The ego is who we think we are, the consciousness is really who we are.

Some of you might say: I don’t understand Consciousness
Answer: To not understand something you need consciousness.

To embrace diversity, you’ll have to unlock the door to being,
and suddenly you’ll awaken to the state of diversity.