Are you craving human connection?

I know that I do.

I reached 30โ€™000 Connections on Linked-in and I recognize that each connection represents a new window. Thatโ€™s how all connections become enriching. Virtual connections create a more expanded, inclusive, and diverse horizon where we can connect on a real human level. Not Eye-to Eye more Soul-to Soul regardless of where we are in the world.

Itโ€™s about energy. Extending our reality, we can share and connect on a whole new level.

The root is the Latin connexionem, “a binding or joining together.”

Today I want to simply thank you for your link, your window.

This possibility has torn down the borders divide that once separated us from long-distance relationship-building. Itโ€™s a question of perspective and what we make of it, – letโ€™s make it meaningful and powerful.