8 Years ago, I faced the darkest period of my life.


My world came crashing down when I fell seriously ill earlier that year.

At the time, I was working in Berlin as Assistant to the Managing Director at the Kempinski Hotel.

One day, I caught a fever and never recovered. I went from running, doing yoga, and hitting the gym regularly to struggling to breathe just climbing stairs. All my body craved was sleep, and my health completely collapsed.

It got so bad that I had to leave my job and head to Switzerland, hoping the best health system could save me. To cut to the chase, a top neurologist diagnosed me with a severe illness. His road map for the next 10 years involved cortisone and surgery for my rare condition.

That hit me at full blast. Fear crept in, and I felt incredibly weak. When everything changes around you, you realize how fragile life can be.

Then it hit me like a thunderbolt! I had a choice: delegate my health to others or take control of it myself.

I made one of the most important decisions of my life that day. I walked out of the hospital and never looked back.

But guess what?

Today, I am fit like Heidi hiking the Swiss Alps—mentally, spiritually, and physically. During the biggest crisis of my life, I became self-employed and have been thriving ever since.

What changed?

➡️Understanding that one opinion—or even a few opinions—doesn’t necessarily hold the ultimate truth.

➡️Surrounding myself with champions (I call them “life lovers”), I built a tribe of relentless achievers who propel me forward every day.

➡️ Taking charge of my health and abundance became a must-do.

➡️ Mastering my thoughts no matter the outside noise.

➡️ Using visualization and affirmation to make the impossible possible.

➡️Knowing that I am more than just my physical body is 100% crucial.

➡️ Meditating daily and practicing yoga & sports.

➡️Prioritizing my health above all else, refusing to compromise on my well-being.

➡️Treating food and drinks as medicine to maintain a healthy, toxin-free lifestyle.

➡️Gratitude for all life experiences is my guiding principle.

Why drop this bombshell?

Because in our darkest moments, we find our greatest strength.

Because taking control of our lives is our birthright.

Someone might tell you that you’ll never get that promotion.

Someone else might say you’ll never make it.

Or someone might foresee your future as grim. Or, in my case, someone told me I was seriously ill and that my future was uncertain if I didn’t follow their rules.

Don’t let others define who you are.

We are taught to believe that the power lies outside of us when in truth all power lies within us. Deep down, only you know who you are, so own it and follow your path.