7 Great Things That Happened in 2020

🌳1. Chef’s shared some of their secret recipes so we can make them at home.

🌳2. More time – We had time to read again and we took advantage of our time by educating ourselves.

🌳3. We thought outside the box: For example, We came up with creative ways to celebrate big milestones like Zoom parties, drive-by birthdays, drive-in theater/cinema, etc.

🌳4. Behind the curtains, 2020 accelerated the advancement in biotechnology, precision medicine is the health trend of the future.

🌳5. Well-being is the new buzzword, the company’s realized employee’s health is their business wealth furthermore, we all found creative ways to continue with our sports activities in order to stay mentally stable and continue to feel good.

🌳6. This year gave us a chance to reflect on ourselves, to reset and adapt if necessary.

🌳7. There is bleeding-edge technology on the horizon as we speak for a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.