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Video resumes – promotes discrimenation?

Our video resumes can include “your face” on your resume, and that could be in some cases considered a potential issue.

Despite that, according to the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), video technology is completely compliant in the hiring process.

We agree with the fact that employers should be very careful about practices during hiring that could lead to accusations of discrimination.

While some employers may still have their own reasons for not accepting video resumes, video resumes are on the rise and is more and more gaining acceptance as a standard hiring material.

And quite frankly, if an employer were to discriminate you as a result of your video resume, what would hold them back from doing the same in a face-to face-interview? And, why would you want to work for that employer in the long run anyway? Execution is key therefore let us help you create your winner video resume.

Here at WIPS, we produce video resumes for free for the candidates we represent, however should we not have a suitable position at the time and only upon request we can produce an unique, creative and professional video resume for you for $250.00 – let us help you to stand out from your competitor on the market!